Final Local Qualifier for Season Top Three Drive, Chip & Putt Moves to Sub-Region Qualifier


The final Kentucky local qualifier for the 2022-23 Drive, Chip & Putt season was held Friday at Stephens Golf Center in Burlington. The top three from each of the eight divisions have secured a place in the next stage on the road to Augusta, which is the sub-regional qualifier which will take place at Oxmoor Country Club on Monday August 8.

Thanks to their game, these players can now prepare for this stage. Each of them hit three drives, three chips and three putts to rack up the highest point totals.

GIRLS 14-15
1. Didina Jiradamkerng – 133
2. Andie Baumann- 98
3. Ellie Stamm – 95

BOYS 14-15
1. Paxton McKelvey – 141
2. Tyler Brandstetter – 126
3. Alexander Brody – 116

GIRLS 12-13
1. Carol Ann Mendenhall – 139
2. Jodie Han – 126
3. Rosella Lattavo – 108

BOYS 12-13
1. Wyatt Maynard – 147
2. Louis DeSalvo – 135
3. Brady Faulkner – 131

GIRLS 10-11
1. Calista Han – 131
2. Maggie Graham – 94
3. Diana Jiradamkerng – 79

BOYS 10-11
1. Matthew White – 129
2. Emmet Lattavo – 128
3. Emery Busald – 123

1. Reagan Grimm – 67 years old
2. Ashlyn Higdon – 47 years old
3. Alexa Haglage – 46 years old

BOYS 7-9
1. Maxwell Lattavo – 115
2. Graham Rettig – 110
3. Nolan Stevens- 94

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Kentucky Junior Golf thanks Sara Stephens, PGA General Manager, Andrew Stephens, PGA Director of Instruction and all the staff at Stephens Golf Center for their assistance in organizing this local qualifier.

This event concludes local qualifying in Kentucky for the summer. The fifth and final Drive, Chip & Putt qualifier of any kind in Kentucky throughout 2022 will be the Sub-Regional at Oxmoor Country Club in Louisville on Monday, August 8. The top two players from each division at this event will earn a spot in the Regional Qualifier at Scioto Country Club in Columbus, Ohio on Saturday, September 10.

Kentucky Junior Golf is part of the Kentucky Golf Foundation, one of three organizations that make up Golf House Kentucky. Kentucky Junior Golf features the state’s top tournaments and programs for golfers in the state 18 or younger, including the Kentucky PGA Junior Tour, Youth on Course, Youth on Course caddy program, PGA Jr. League and Drive, Chip & Putt. Kentucky Junior Golf is dedicated to introducing Kentucky youth to the game of golf, providing resources for increased enjoyment in the sport, and developing the skills necessary for players to thrive on and off the golf course.

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