Falls District residents maintain a general system for electing school board members


A motion to change the method of electing the Menomonee Falls School Board was defeated by a majority of residents at the Menomonee Falls School District Annual Meeting on September 12.

Under the current process for electing school board members, two to three school board seats are up for election each year and voters can make up to two selections from among all the candidates running if there are two seats. to provide. When three seats are up for election, voters can choose from three candidates among all the candidates for a position on the school board. The motion for consideration at the annual meeting called for moving to a numbered seat system, where candidates would run for specific seats on the board of directors and voters would vote for that specific seat.

The school board approved a motion at its July 12 meeting to start the change process, which is governed by state law. The motion to change the method of electing school board members was put on the annual meeting agenda after 268 residents signed a petition calling for the change, which was more than the 100 required by the state law.

However, residents present at the meeting rejected the motion, with 312 against the change while 157 residents supported the change. While the motion was originally the last item on the agenda for the annual meeting, residents approved changing the agenda to make it the first item to be considered by residents. After the vote, the majority of residents present left the high school auditorium and did not vote on the rest of the items at the annual meeting.


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