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Housing Bank Loan Application


Moreover, the interest rates applied by Great Bank in these credit campaigns are quite reasonable. In this article we prepared for those who want to apply to Great Bank for housing loans, you can find the application conditions, channels and interest rates of the bank…

Great Bank Mortgage Features

Good Bank Mortgage Features

When you want to get a housing loan from Great Bank, you can choose the term you want for a maximum of 120 months . The maximum amount of the loan to be drawn is determined according to the appraisal report. According to the appraisal value, you can request a loan up to 80% of the housing price.

There is also a mortgage on the house where you want to take credit. After this mortgage, an additional guarantee may be required if deemed necessary. Housing, compulsory earthquake insurance and life insurance are provided during the loan period extended by the Bank.

Great Bank Mortgage Interest Rates and Calculation

Good Bank Mortgage Interest Rates and Calculation

Great Bank has 15 different product options within the scope of housing loans . Some of these are aimed at consumers who need shelter, while others are aimed at those who want to buy houses for investment purposes. Therefore, the interest rates applied for each loan product vary.

If you want to use a home loan to cover your housing needs, interest is applied according to the maturity you choose for the refund, not the amount you will withdraw. If you choose a short term, your interest payment will be charged at 1.05% and if you select a longer term option, you will be charged at 1.07 %.

You can also evaluate your payment frequency once a month or quarterly . Both of them do not change the interest rate, but only calculate different rates according to the number of maturities you choose.

Great Bank Housing Loan Application Documents and Conditions

Good Bank Housing Loan Application Documents and Conditions

When you want to take advantage of individual housing loans, different documents are requested according to your loan type. If you want to use a housing loan for housing purposes, you must prepare a copy of the application form, income statement, driver’s license, identity card or passport photocopy and the title deed of the house you wish to purchase.

In addition, consumers who are shareholders of legal entities are requested to photocopy the trade registry newspaper and / or newspapers in which the articles of association of the company are published. Self-employed members must submit a photocopy of the membership certificate received from the professional organization to which they are affiliated. Furthermore, if deemed necessary as a result of the delivery of all documents, other documents may be requested from the branch.

How to Apply for a Great Bank Housing Loan?

How to Apply for a Good Bank Housing Loan?

If you have decided to apply for a Great Bank mortgage loan product, you can apply to the nearest branch. If you do not have time to go to the branch you can also send your application via the website. In fact, if you are an internet branch user, you can apply for housing loans in a very short time.

Those who have a mobile application of the Bank can apply for a housing loan product by using the Applications section of the Good Mobile application. You must have internet access for the website, internet branch or Good Mobile application.

If you are in a place where you cannot access the internet, you can call the call center. This is because the bank is able to apply for housing loans through customer representatives. Or you do not have internet access, but if you have a Great Bank ATM near you, you can apply using the ATM.

After your pre-application, your request will be examined by the bank. At this stage, the process can work in your favor, especially if you are a good credit customer who pays on time. You will be asked to submit the required documents for credit application entry. You will then be given a pre-approval based on your credibility and asked to pay for the expertise report.

It takes between 1 and 3 days for the report to reach and reach the bank. As a result of this report, the bank makes a final decision regarding your loan request. For the use of approved loans, title deed mortgage transactions start and your loan payment is made.

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